The Plexi-sound

The Plexicats are an emotional revival, bringing influences from all
arenas into collaboratively forged, layered jams. Diverse vocal and musical
styles are fused into a high energy live act that combines Hip-Hop and Beat
flavors with eclectic influences that range in style from gypsy, jazz, blues,
and classical to punk, rock, reggae, and bluegrass, resulting in a sound that is
at once cohesive and eclectic.

In otherwords: DOJ.

If you're not sure what all that means, have a listen!

A very brief history...


The Plexicats began playing shows in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois in 2010, and continue to perform in various locations around Illinois. Their first EP was released in August 2011 at The Castle Theatre in Bloomington.

The Plexicats have performed with a wide array of Illinois bands and Hip-Hop artists, and continue to do so - check out the Events & Community link above for details of upcoming shows.

brother, you haven't heard yet, have you?
The funky flying high magical mystery theater of what is known as The Plexicats. Where are they trying to take you? What is the plan? What will you see and why have you avoided?
Let it in, let it caress your goofy mind, walk and dance in it's shoes. Don't cower, don't just sit there, get up! Get out of what you thought you knew and jump right in.
Time release it all, release your insecure irate self and swing, twirl, flow and fly. They've been knocking for quite some time, you've been rude. Open the door, offer yourself, live this life, with them.
It's time we all peel off old scabs - I never danced before the cat's rants. Let the sweat and the high of this change break in your shoes. The wind has dipped in a new direction, dip with it, so you can feel new.
Jamming and slamming back into you, whatever happens, happened.. release control, you're breaking through.
Plexi paws light your own flame, leading you with the fire of the Gods we once knew. Eyes out, shaking excitement and a brand new way to entice you, invite you, welcome you in and help you fight this.
What's that in front of you?
A calling, a hand, a shake and a band.
Go ahead, get your keys.

Open the door.

Release. . . and Doj.

                                                                                         Alex Gelsthorpe
                                                                        (image by Lauren S. Gletty)